My visit to the Sketchbook Library in Brooklyn

Since a long time ago I wanted to go to the Sketchbook Library because I found their website maybe 3 years ago, in that time I don’t recall them having a library but the idea of a sketchbook project attracted my attention. This is their website  on this site you can find all the information about it. Something cool that I didn’t know is that you can participate sending you own sketchbook and for a fee, they’ll preserve it in the library.




Sketchbooks on sale for $5


Art supplies!!

After wondering around we sat in the space that they have dedicated for reading.

 There was when I found this amazing and inspiring sketchbooks. I hope you enjoy:

Yes! It’s a drawing :O

Can you believe that all this is made by hand????
Ok, then I just wanted to share this with you for inspiration. I hope you enjoyed.

Paola 🌵





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