New website 🤩

Can you believe it? I wanted to change the interface of my website for a while and finally I had the audacity to do it, and I say this because I’m a very simple person who likes to match everything I can and for setting up this theme I had to sacrifice the colors that I usually pick: black, grey and white.

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Best web hosting for WordPress?

3 sounds better than 2 or 4 when it comes to examples, that’s why the title hahaha. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi because I came back from my vacations and I just unplugged from my blog and not that long ago I said this blog was going to be something chill, just a place to pour my thoughts and share my drawing.

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Finally a New Blog!! UPDATE

Image 1. Website Cover

Finally moving. For good? I hope so 🙂 I’ll be now writing there.

After weeks and weeks of research. Finally I have a new website 😭. I can’t believe it. It took me so long to go for it. 

Basically this was the path that I followed:

1.  See what are the option for E-mail subscription services because Blogger is getting rid of the e-mail subscription by June 2021. I found this article: 6 Best Free Email Marketing Services Compared. Then, I realized that maybe it would be better to invest in a long term hosting service.

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Thinking about changing blogging platform

Lately, I have been researching about the different platforms available for blogging. I would love to make it more professional, simple yet professional. I just didn’t want to pay too much money for the new platform to host my blog.

I would love to find something that offers a beautiful minimalistic website that isn’t hard to use and believe it or not it has been hard to find 😓

I’m between hosting it in square space or one of the hosting website available for WordPress mmm.

What do you use? Do you have a blog?

This is exiting 🤩 and time consuming. Let’s see what happen.

For now, enjoy the new Weekly Video Clip 📹 it is available on the top right corner of this blog.