Las pequeñas cosas que hacen nuestras vidas maravillosas (The small things that boost your life)

Because sometimes we need a boost or a big one and this girl always help me to feel better, that’s why, I want to share this with you:

Por que a veces necesitamos un empujonsito o un empujonsote y esta chica siempre pone una sonrisa en mis labios y en mi corazón. Espero que a ustedes también les sirva:

Por cierto feliz cumpleaños Rati!

Happy birthday Rati!

I love you (Te amo)




There were a lot of stuff in my life and for first time I have decided to open a blog about fashion, one of my greatest passions.

I am from Mexico City but this night I am in Guanajuato a beautiful colonial place, with a lot of culture and style.

This is the beginning of something very important for me.

Take my hand and walk together.


Love u