Happy international women’s day 💖 2023

Hi 👋

Just passing by to say happy international women’s day 👩. I didn’t know it was today until I checked my social media. Anyways maybe you needed a reminder too lol. Hugs to you no matter if you’re a woman or a man we live in an ecosystem where we all support each other even if we don’t notice 💖.



Good morning ☀️

Hi lovely people that reads this blog. Sorry for being away for a while, I have been thinking in how to integrate my blog to my recent activities in social media which has incremented enormously lol, basically from zero to a post every weekday 😗, even I am amazed. Anyways, I thought the best way was this, just make it more casual, friendly, simple.

So I’ll start with…

Have a good good Tuesday and rest of your week 💖

Hi! Paola here