Nothing is original

I have been thinking about this lately because at this point in my path as an artist I think that I’m being heavily influence by the work of other artists, specially Frannerd and this has created discomfort in my head. 

I remember this happened to me a couple of years ago and I just couldn’t continue working with my art anymore, I felt that I was just copying her and not creating something special and I felt that coming again, this scared me a lot. Have this happened to you?

This time I decided to do a little research in YouTube to see other’s points of view and these are the videos that I found. Maybe you are going through the same and this could be very helpful for you:


(Video 1. Steal like an artist | Austin Kleon)


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Get to know cartoon artists: Adrian Tomine and R Kikuo Johnson

I knew about these to artist thanks to covers on The New Yorker magazine which called my attention because I’m looking for different styles which inspire me and teach me how to solve different problems when drawing.

The first person I would like to share is R. Kikuo Johnson →

This is one of his multiple covers which you can find in his website.

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In love with Jenna Lyons, sincerity, kindness and openness

Lately I have been in this weird journey towards myself, started by the courage I have seen in Frannerd’s Patreon account, wait a second…you know what? I would say it started with Byron Katie “Loving What Is” book which laid the foundation to allow Fran’s openness, sweetness and kindness get into my heart and now this woman, Jenna Lyons.

Well well, where to start? You know I used to work in the Fashion Industry which I left because of the toxicity I felt in the work place, since then I have been looking for something different which I didn’t find until recently in Frannerd’s Patreon, a space where I can be myself and share what I create or think without feeling judge or made fun of. Anyways today while in the subway I saw a sign announcing the newest Jenna Lyons’ show “Stylish with Jenna Lyons” which it immediately reminded me of this tall beautiful woman which style I use to love so deeply that I have to connect with her (if you don’t know her, she use to work as a Creative Director for JCrew and she with Mickey Drexler basically grew the brand like never before, and like 2 years ago she left her position and went away from the cameras for a while…just saying in the gossip note), it was when my craziness started haha. I just went down the rabbit hole and found such a beautiful, sincere and kind woman that I wanted to share her with you, through all these videos that I found.


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Our visit to the Poster House Museum in New York City – Story through pictures

Yesterday at night we went to the Poster House Museum and I took my camera, here are the results:

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Illustrators: François Schuiten

 I just found this amazing illustrator that someone recommended me while checking Moebius’ Instagram account. His name is François Schuiten Belgian comic book artist. He is best known for drawing the series Les Cités Obscures, check his Wikipedia is very interesting.

I got interested in this type of illustrator (he reminds me of Moebius) because of the way they use color, their palettes, and the work with their backgrounds, just impressive. I hope one day I could achieve something like that, we’ll see haha, it’s a long way.
And I almost forget to share his page on Character Design References >

The website you have to check if you are an Illustrator (or want to be one, maybe if you just like drawing too)

The image on the top is from Moebius a french Illustrator that I recently found. I love the colors he uses, the comic finish, and the beautiful landscapes that he depicts. You can see these images and more! in this link > Artist of the week: Mœbius

which is a website where you can find awesome images of different illustrators. I think it is good for inspiration and references!

I also share the main page just in case you want to see more >

Did you know about this page? Was I the only one who didn’t know about this resource? haha



Recommendations from “Making Comics” by Scott McCloud – Drew Weing

From the book mentioned in the title (Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels by Scott McCloud), I made a list of the illustrators that caught my attention and Drew Weing is one of them so I share one of the comics that just blew my mind for its format.

Drew’s website is this one >

and the comic that I’m talking about is this one >

What do you think?