Drawing proficiency levels

In my last post I talked about my path to becoming an illustrator and how learning art fundamentals was something that I needed to implement to improve my drawing skills; nonetheless, the question is: Where to start? There are so many facets to art fundamentals that it can get very confusing.

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Drawabox | Learning illustration with Drawabox

A couple of years ago I noticed I couldn’t draw some things that I wanted. In that time, I used to draw #dtiys (draw this in your style) that I found on instagram created by my favorite Illustrators but when it come to make my own illustrations from scratch I was totally unable. The discomfort that I felt by this made me feel frustrated and incapable of drawing anymore so I decided to delete my Instagram account and stop making illustrations.

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Munsell Color System + Free Printout

This week I have been researching about how to improve the Values and Color in my drawings. This reminded me that a couple of years ago while I was studying Color Theory I found this cool chart that displayed the Color Wheel in a 3D way and it was called the Munsell Tree so I went back online and I looked for that image. I found a couple of them but in the end I chose the one that best helped me understand the concept, which I found in the encyclopedia Britannica:

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Mapping to understand Figure Drawing

I have been learning about Figure Drawing because I would love to learn how to draw bodies and Mapping is one of the techniques that has been the most helpful to understand how to place something on a white page.

Mapping is just selecting points as in image 1 and 2, connecting them and create a map on a white page as shown in the images below. I would recommend you just to repeat and practice and you will understand little by little more about mapping.

Image 1
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New Video: Mossery Unboxing Sketchbook

Hi blog bunnies!

In this video I share the unboxing of a Mossery Pastel Sky Sketchbook that I got back in 2018, I don’t own it anymore because the paper it has wasn’t what I was looking for to use with my watercolors but the cover and the brand is so beautiful that I wanted to share.

Back in 2018 Mossery created a Zine which I showed in the video, if you want to know more about the Zine just go to this link: https://www.mossery.co/blogs/news/to-inspire-and-encourage-inktober-2018-zine and if you want to know more about the artists that collaborated in this project you can go here: https://www.mossery.co/pages/mossery-inktober-2018

Mossery Sketchbook Unboxing Pastel Sky

Do you own a Mossery sketchbook? What do you think about the paper? 


Why drawing is so difficult?

Video 1: Why is drawing so hard?


I always thought drawing was easy because I did it since I was little but when I started doing illustration more seriously I noticed that what I saw in my head wasn’t as easy to represent as I thought it would be. Then after drawing and practicing for months I stopped because I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t improving 😡. So I started researching on YouTube and found this video that explained that it isn’t just about practicing…

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Test of all colors of Copic Multiliners 0.5, 0.3 and 0.05 on a Leuchtturm1917 Sketchbook

Image1. Copic Multiliners 0.5, 0.3 and 0.05


I just wanted to share this test of different Copic Multiliners because I couldn’t find anywhere 🙂 also if you are Copic lover maybe you need this blank color wheel for Sketch, Ciao and Classic Copic Markers that I recently created.

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Copic Markers tested on different types of papers and sketchbooks plus color wheel

Image 1. Copic on different papers

Hi grrrls and guys and everyone in between!

I decided to share some test I did on different types of papers and sketchbooks with Copic Markers (Sketch Series) in this way maybe you’ll find the type of paper that adapts the best to your style and technique.

I used these alcohol based markers:
Sketch Copic Marker
  • 0 Blender
  • BV000
  • B00
Blick Studio Brush Markers
  • 065
  • 018
Legend for Image 1 (above) :
L = Layer (example 4L = 4 layers)
0 = I added number Blender (#0 in copic naming) the mix with colors and see the results

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