Looking for the perfect Bra

A couple of months ago I started checking on Bras again, mine are almost at the end of their life. I used to be size 36B then changed to 38D and because I gained weight again I wanted to check on bigger options but I didn’t know that when it comes to Bras sizes you don’t go from 38D to 40D and that’s it. It depends on where you gain weight, band or cup. 

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In love with Jenna Lyons, sincerity, kindness and openness

Lately I have been in this weird journey towards myself, started by the courage I have seen in Frannerd’s Patreon account, wait a second…you know what? I would say it started with Byron Katie “Loving What Is” book which laid the foundation to allow Fran’s openness, sweetness and kindness get into my heart and now this woman, Jenna Lyons.

Well well, where to start? You know I used to work in the Fashion Industry which I left because of the toxicity I felt in the work place, since then I have been looking for something different which I didn’t find until recently in Frannerd’s Patreon, a space where I can be myself and share what I create or think without feeling judge or made fun of. Anyways today while in the subway I saw a sign announcing the newest Jenna Lyons’ show “Stylish with Jenna Lyons” which it immediately reminded me of this tall beautiful woman which style I use to love so deeply that I have to connect with her (if you don’t know her, she use to work as a Creative Director for JCrew and she with Mickey Drexler basically grew the brand like never before, and like 2 years ago she left her position and went away from the cameras for a while…just saying in the gossip note), it was when my craziness started haha. I just went down the rabbit hole and found such a beautiful, sincere and kind woman that I wanted to share her with you, through all these videos that I found.


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How clothes are made in NYC

Hi! This time I wanted to share what I learned about working in NYC in a company that made all their clothes here, we use to buy fabrics from overseas and some other trims but it was completely assembled in Manahattan. 

First, I wanted to post images from a book called “The Business of Fashion” which explains the general process of making clothes in a company:

[3d-flip-book mode=”fullscreen” id=”1089″][/3d-flip-book]

Now I’ll share the process as I saw it in the company that I was working for:

How clothes are made in NYC

If you have any questions let me know. This is the first attempt that I do to explain this and my first attempt to make a poster in in Design haha. 



Relaciones Públicas Avanzadas Curso en el FIT / Advanced Networking: How To Go from Just Showing Up to Really Rocking the Room

Sólo quiero vaciar la experiencia que aprendí en un curso de Networking que tomé en el FIT (Fashion Institute of Technogy) . Lo dio Sharon Feldstein, ex-alumna de esta escuela, que actualmente radica en Los Angeles. Aquí una foto de ella con su hijo en la entrega de los Oscares:
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¿Por qué debes de conocer la revista i-D? / Why do you have to know i-D Magazine?

En 3 videos puedes tener una idea de los temas de los que habla. Es una revista de gran importancia para la Industria de la Moda por su punto de vista tan diferente y único.

1. Este video se inspiró en el libro “10 maneras de ser Parisina”, leí el libro, luego les paso mi reseña ;). Para no hacerla larga me gustó más el concepto de este video que el del libro.
2. Definitiva Guia de Etiqueta para una Dama de nuestra era. Puedo decir con toda seguridad que soy una ;D


3. Por que adoro a Cloë Sevigny y por que vivo en New York.
There is nothing better than comming back to New York (pulgares arriba)


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