This close 👌 to not post today but here I’m writing 🤷‍♀️


Paola here 😇 I was this close 👌 to not post today but here I’m writing 🤷‍♀️. 

This has been a busy week so I have been re-planning and rethinking about my posting schedule for this blog and YouTube. It has been confusing because editing YouTube videos and blog post takes a while and I have been pressuring myself to post constantly in both platforms. 

When I planned my schedule at the beginning of this journey I thought I would just post fast stuff here and there in both platforms but during these months it has changed. I discovered that I love dedicating time to these projects so it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought.

After a while, my schedule started falling apart because I didn’t have enough time to update both platforms so all this week I have been think what to do about it, I even thought in closing my YouTube channel but then I noticed that I really like making videos there, that wasn’t the problem. I’m still not 100% confident but I think that I’ll try to post in this blog at least once a week during weekdays and in my YouTube 🤔 … I’m still not sure. 

I would love to not feel the pressure to do this, it’s so weird that I intended to use these media following  my own rules and I created harsh rules for myself, with hours and hours of work (right now, it’s 7:03 pm on a Friday and I’m writing this 🥺 unacceptable, it supposed to be my project = my rules, it looks like the one with the harsh rules was me).

Anyways, I just wanted to share this and put it out of my chest because if I was following a Blog and person stopped posting from one moment to another I would like to know what’s in her mind.

It’s so hard to let myself be free when I have all these fears about what could go wrong if I don’t do this or that 😓. Let see how it goes during the weekend.

It’s time to renew bows with myself.

Does this has happened to you? You start a project and you overwork yourself? 😡 (I didn’t want to say it but it makes me feel so angry haha, maybe I don’t say it but definitely it shows)

By the way my husband JUST told me that there is word for this 🙊

Overcommit: to commit more than is feasible, desirable, or necessary.



My second stationery haul from my trip to Philly

Hi beautiful you!

There are four amazing stores that I visited in Philly:

  1. Philly’s AIDS thrift @ Giovanni’s room (Very curated thrift store)
  2. Atomic City Comics (Comic store)
  3. Omoi Zakka Shop (Stationery boutique and pen shop like Goods for the Study here in NYC)
  4. Kitchen Kapers (kitchen and food supplies) 
Where I got multiple items:
(No. 1) Giovanni’s room was a very cool thrift store with records, books, magazines, comics, etc.

In Giovanni’s room I bought 2 books (top) and 2 comics (bottom):

In (No. 2) Atomic City Comics I got two graphic novels:

In (No. 3) Omoi Zakka Shop 

I got a notebook and wash tape:

Finally, in Kitchen Kapers I got potato chips bag clips and hot chocolate sticks (I can’t wait to prepare it):

These were all the goodies I got. What do you think?
Hope you enjoy, let me know if you have any questions about these items.

Weekend No. 10: Around Philadelphia, PA


I just wanted to share our last weekend trip to Philly. I took some pictures, well a lot of pictures, sorry for the amount, I’m experimenting and finding the sweet spot for the right amount I suppose, maybe not. Enjoy. 

By the way, there’s going to be a second post with all the goodies I bought :).

Day 1 – Friday March 12th 

  • Walk to the train

  • Walking around Center City

    Day 2 – Saturday March 13th 

    Day 3 – Sunday March 14th 

    • Our last day and return to NYC

    That was our whole trip.
    Hope you enjoy,

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    Weekend No. 9: Around New York City

    Did you know there are numbers for the weeks of the year? I didn’t 👀
    Two weekends ago my husband and I went to for a classic Saturday walk, we started eating in a restaurant called Raclette, where we ate a delicious burger with lots of cheese 🤤
    Video from my phone

    Then walk around from the East Village to the Hudson River:

    Furniture all covered in clothing patterns

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    About changing my blog posting schedule and Instagram

    I wasn’t sure if I should post about this in my blog because “it doesn’t fit the aesthetic I’m following” but I remember that one of the things I promised to myself from the beginning was allowing me to experiment, to fail to try and fail and try again. That’s why I’m writing this. 

    Just this morning in the description of my blog it said: “Paola | Illustrator | Posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday” but today for the first time, after finishing work at 8 pm I noticed there was something not right and it was the hours that I was imposing to myself so that’s why for March I decided to change my posts from 3 days a week to 2 days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in honor of my free time and respecting myself.

    Update: After 2 more days ending work at 8 pm and today waking up at 6 am to continue working on my blog, I noticed I didn’t want to do Instagram anymore, although it looks crazy for a visual artist is what my heart ❤️ is saying and didn’t want to do, now I understand is the right thing. Instagram believe it or not takes a lot of time and interaction and I want to give that to my YouTube channel for now. So officially I’m planning to have just this blog if you want to see more free constant posting and Patreon if you want to see more personal everyday interaction . 

    I just wanted to put this out there, maybe you’re doing this to yourself too and you need a reminder that you’re the one who decides how to take care of yourself.

    Tons of hugs,