I contradict myself 🤫

Cognitive dissonance – The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes Reference

I started thinking about this term because of a video that I watched back in March about how musicians contradict themselves in their song 😅:

I didn’t know there was a term for this experience, I remember feeling that discomfort but not being able to put words to it 😵‍💫.

Here is one more video that I saved which explains this further:

Have you experienced this?

The way that I have dealt with this is through doing the work. I question myself using this method and as a consequence I can see more clearly where those thoughts and feeling come from, I know more myself and anyone can do it, just in case you are curious.

Well this is it for this post, hope you enjoy it.


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