Happy New Year ๐ŸŽ† 2022

Paola and Kyle

This is the second year we celebrate New Year in New York City and I was very exited because it could be as I had it in my mind: NO cooking to try to impress people or cleaning around or figuring out plans to get together. I wanted the easiest celebration that I could make and I had to try something new because last year we already made pizza๐Ÿ•. So after sharing this with my husband he agreed to take it super easy too and just make our purchases for our dinner on the 31st NO PRESSURE. We decided to go for turkey (4 thighs for easy cooking), pre-made stuffing, cranberry sauce from a can, spaghetti with sour cream and ham and a pie a la mode.

Our goodies. Can you spot all mentioned above?
The preparation

The results:

I have to say that I’m very proud.

How was your New Year’s celebration? Did you considered your mental well-being?


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