Ideas to go from student to full-time Illustrator 👩‍🎨

A couple of years ago I found this article about how to turn your Illustrations skills into a full-time job and from time to time I revisit it to see what I need to do in this path to learning how to draw and live from my illustrations. 

The part that I love the most about this article is that was made by Patreon and it’s an interview with one of my favorite Illustrators and biggest inspirations Frannerd

Here is the article:

How Illustrator Fran Meneses Went from Unemployed to Full-Time Artist 
(and How You Can, Too)

My favorite points are 1,2, 4 and 7. Which ones are your favorite?

Who’s your favorite Illustrator or your biggest inspiration?


From sketch to reality

I just wanted to share this article about the process that an Industrial Designer follows to create something out of a bunch of ideas:

I was fascinated by the sketches they share because in some of them I can see what inspired the designer and how they express their ideas through drawings, one of my goals.

It’s very inspiring, you have to check out the article 🙂


How stamps for USPS are made 👀?

A while ago I found this article, about what is behind the scenes of making a stamp for USPS which was so interesting and I just wanted to share. Here is the link:

Can you believe this was created by Anna Bond (an Illustrator 🙊) the founder of Riffle Paper Co. ? Do you know this company?