Thinking about changing blogging platform

Lately, I have been researching about the different platforms available for blogging. I would love to make it more professional, simple yet professional. I just didn’t want to pay too much money for the new platform to host my blog.

I would love to find something that offers a beautiful minimalistic website that isn’t hard to use and believe it or not it has been hard to find 😓

I’m between hosting it in square space or one of the hosting website available for WordPress mmm.

What do you use? Do you have a blog?

This is exiting 🤩 and time consuming. Let’s see what happen.

For now, enjoy the new Weekly Video Clip 📹 it is available on the top right corner of this blog.



Fear of flying

When I was little I didn’t use to understand why people were scared of flying but I don’t remember when my mind changed and I started feeling lots of fear of flying. 

This video has been very helpful and that’s why I thought that it would be a good idea to share it.

I’m definitely watching it again.



The easiest way to apply eyeshadow

Ok Paola…think concentrate…you can write a simple short post 😄ok this is funny.

Well, I think my drawing which took me 3 days to make and like 5 years avoiding it finally is here. I think isa very simple and self-explanatory, to be honest maybe it isn’t because I wanted something very minimalistic and simple and I sacrificed details but I loved it 🥳

I always have been confused about eyeshadow brushes so it took me like 1000 YouTube videos to finally find the pattern and find the key brushes that would help me create a cool eyeshadow look 🙂 and here they are:

Image 1. The easiest way to apply eyeshadow

By the way if you want to see the brushes in real life you can find them in this link: 5 essential eyeshadow brushes.

Something cool about understanding how to use brushes is that I have come to try to do the same just with my fingers and the results have been so cool:

Image 2. Eyeshadow applied with fingers

If you have any questions let me know 🙂


This close 👌 to not post today but here I’m writing 🤷‍♀️


Paola here 😇 I was this close 👌 to not post today but here I’m writing 🤷‍♀️. 

This has been a busy week so I have been re-planning and rethinking about my posting schedule for this blog and YouTube. It has been confusing because editing YouTube videos and blog post takes a while and I have been pressuring myself to post constantly in both platforms. 

When I planned my schedule at the beginning of this journey I thought I would just post fast stuff here and there in both platforms but during these months it has changed. I discovered that I love dedicating time to these projects so it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought.

After a while, my schedule started falling apart because I didn’t have enough time to update both platforms so all this week I have been think what to do about it, I even thought in closing my YouTube channel but then I noticed that I really like making videos there, that wasn’t the problem. I’m still not 100% confident but I think that I’ll try to post in this blog at least once a week during weekdays and in my YouTube 🤔 … I’m still not sure. 

I would love to not feel the pressure to do this, it’s so weird that I intended to use these media following  my own rules and I created harsh rules for myself, with hours and hours of work (right now, it’s 7:03 pm on a Friday and I’m writing this 🥺 unacceptable, it supposed to be my project = my rules, it looks like the one with the harsh rules was me).

Anyways, I just wanted to share this and put it out of my chest because if I was following a Blog and person stopped posting from one moment to another I would like to know what’s in her mind.

It’s so hard to let myself be free when I have all these fears about what could go wrong if I don’t do this or that 😓. Let see how it goes during the weekend.

It’s time to renew bows with myself.

Does this has happened to you? You start a project and you overwork yourself? 😡 (I didn’t want to say it but it makes me feel so angry haha, maybe I don’t say it but definitely it shows)

By the way my husband JUST told me that there is word for this 🙊

Overcommit: to commit more than is feasible, desirable, or necessary.