Toxic Positivity

Have you thought about this concept?

I just discovered recently. It’s when I say that everything is ok but in reality I’m denying my real feelings…mmm let me check in google:

“We define toxic positivity as the excessive and ineffective overgeneralization of a happy, optimistic state across all situations. The process of toxic positivity results in the denial, minimization, and invalidation of the authentic human emotional experience…”

Also I found this video:

I definitely have done this to myself and others, interesting. What about you?
I really appreciate the video explaining my behavior, the only part where I don’t agree is the last part where they tell you how people should be more understanding about our feelings (or I should be more understanding of others) because that makes me think that everyone should understand me and that’s no possible, at least I don’t think it’s possible now because I myself won’t be able to do that all the time (to be understanding and loving, I’m working on it but I don’t see it completely real) It’s like going back to denying that other people won’t be able to please us or help us or make us feel better all the time, which is falling into denial again that is basically what is toxic positivity. I think that is important to take responsibility for my feelings for example that I can’t handle a situation right now and I need to understand that and if I need space, support or understanding I need to voice it and if no-one can help in that moment, look for it or go somewhere else, don’t expect others to solve my emotional world.


Have you been scared of spending money?

Because I have and  lots of times. I was wondering where this idea could come from so I first look for

for this in google and the article that connected the most to me was this one:

When been cheap becomes an obsession

I wrote this draft back in December and I was surprised how this sounds like I have something wrong in me. Lately, I have been listening to “The work” At Home with Byron Katie and now I’m wondering if this is true.



How to prepare myself to create a new drawing or illustration

I recently was wondering how can I prepare myself to improve my drawing process and these are the videos I found very useful:

Video 1. How to prepare for a painting
Video 2. How to Emulate Illustration Style in 5 Steps
Video 3. From Thumbnail to Final Drawing: My Planning Process!
Video 4. Beginner;s Guide to Composition
Video 5. From an idea to a finished illustration
What I got from these videos:
Video 1: Need to try making thumbnails.
Video 2: Best summary about the whole process to create an illustration.
Video 3: How stressful can be to create something beautiful
Video 4: Composition is useful
Video 5: As always inspiration and companionship from my favorite artist.
That’s it for today, hope you like it. 
Lots of love,

Nothing is original

I have been thinking about this lately because at this point in my path as an artist I think that I’m being heavily influence by the work of other artists, specially Frannerd and this has created discomfort in my head. 

I remember this happened to me a couple of years ago and I just couldn’t continue working with my art anymore, I felt that I was just copying her and not creating something special and I felt that coming again, this scared me a lot. Have this happened to you?

This time I decided to do a little research in YouTube to see other’s points of view and these are the videos that I found. Maybe you are going through the same and this could be very helpful for you:

(Video 1. Steal like an artist | Austin Kleon)

(Video 2. Creativity is a remix | Kirby Ferguson)

(Video 3. In your lifetime you’ll never think an original idea | Thoughty2)

(Video 4. Nothing is 100% or 0% original | Whyt Manga)

By the way this is what I remember from each video:

Video 1: Nothing is original
Video 2: Even the greatest copy, including Steve Jobs and later they don’t want to be copied.
Video 3: You can create something unique when this art passes through you way to perceive life.
Video 4: Nothing is original there is even a scale haha.

With lots of love,