This weekend’s books: The Rose of Versailles, Same Different, Anya’s Ghost

This weekend I finished these three books:

  1. The Rose of Versailles by Riyoko Ikeda
  2. Same Difference by Derek Kirk Kim
  3. Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol

I have been trying to improve my drawing skills and part of it is to find the styles that I feel the most connected to so I can analyze the way that different authors solve problems when drawing, for example, values for backgrounds or what angles would be the best to describe a scene. 

The Rose of Versailles is a manga from the 70s that has surpassed time and now is a classic. The way that the writing and the illustrations connect creates a story in which you can easily get lost.

The Rose of Versailles (Cover)

The Rose of Versailles (Back)

The Rose of Versailles (Interior)

The Rose of Versailles (Interior)

In Same Difference what I love is his drawing style and the story. It’s so close to real life and the way I see the world, sometimes it’s not easy to find this in other comics or manga, that’s why I liked it. It’s a view of reality when I was 20.

Same Difference (Cover)

Same Difference (Back)

Same Difference (Interior)

Same Difference (Interior)

In Anya’s Ghost I love the story and the way Vera use camera angles, the use of values in a white and black scheme and how she solved lines and colors for the ghost. I just love it.

Anyas’s Ghost (Cover)

Anyas’s Ghost (Back)

Anyas’s Ghost (Interior)

Anyas’s Ghost (Interior)

I enjoyed sharing this so much, I hope you like it too.

Do you have any other recommendations?


Illustrators: François Schuiten

 I just found this amazing illustrator that someone recommended me while checking Moebius’ Instagram account. His name is François Schuiten Belgian comic book artist. He is best known for drawing the series Les Cités Obscures, check his Wikipedia is very interesting.

I got interested in this type of illustrator (he reminds me of Moebius) because of the way they use color, their palettes, and the work with their backgrounds, just impressive. I hope one day I could achieve something like that, we’ll see haha, it’s a long way.

And I almost forget to share his page on Character Design References >