Ideas to go from student to full-time Illustrator πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨

A couple of years ago I found this article about how to turn your Illustrations skills into a full-time job and from time to time I revisit it to see what I need to do in this path to learning how to draw and live from my illustrations. 

The part that I love the most about this article is that was made by Patreon and it’s an interview with one of my favorite Illustrators and biggest inspirations Frannerd

Here is the article:

How Illustrator Fran Meneses Went from Unemployed to Full-Time Artist 
(and How You Can, Too)

My favorite points are 1,2, 4 and 7. Which ones are your favorite?

Who’s your favorite Illustrator or your biggest inspiration?


From sketch to reality

I just wanted to share this article about the process that an Industrial Designer follows to create something out of a bunch of ideas:

I was fascinated by the sketches they share because in some of them I can see what inspired the designer and how they express their ideas through drawings, one of my goals.

It’s very inspiring, you have to check out the article πŸ™‚


How stamps for USPS are made πŸ‘€?

A while ago I found this article, about what is behind the scenes of making a stamp for USPS which was so interesting and I just wanted to share. Here is the link:

Can you believe this was created by Anna Bond (an Illustrator πŸ™Š) the founder of Riffle Paper Co. ? Do you know this company?


Brands that inspire me for their minimalism

I just wanted a share some brands that I found that I love because they are very minimalistic.

I got a pouch with the shape of a toast for my iPad 😭 it’s so cute (I bought it on eBay).

I definitely want to buy something from them, Do you know if you can find it in the US? I’ll research :9
Video 1. Noritake – Interview with Japanese illustrator

I discovered him because I bought one of his notebooks (which I shared in my My second stationery haul from my trip to Philly post in case you want to see more pictures)  

Do you like minimalism? For me has been hard to find a balance. Sometimes I want to go crazy with colors and other times I just love one simple line.


A documentary day

I like to watch documentaries while I do chores and draw in the morning and these 3 (4 videos, I couldn’t stop myself) were so different and interesting.

The first one was this documentary about Tintin, very related to illustration πŸ™‚

Video 1. The birth of Tintin: Discovering HergΓ©

The second one was about Agatha Christie. I was curious. I think, there is a connection among humans no matter the field when it comes to create or make something so I wanted to see how was Agatha’s process and this documentary called my attention:

Video 2. Cracking the Agatha Christie Code

Finally, MUSIC another interesting field where we can witness the process of creation. Did you know that there are different musical instruments that the one that we know 😯 (I didn’t) and not just that but people inventing them. This last one is a video about Nail Violins:

Video 3. What’s a NAIL VIOLIN?

Well, and I decided to add one more because when I was writing this article I remembered another video about people creating musical instruments.

Video 4. Max Vandervorst prΓ©sente ses meilleurs voeux 2017 

Ok this is it for today. Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚