New Website 🤩

Can you believe it? I wanted to change the interface of my website for a while and finally I had the audacity to do it, and I say this because I’m a very simple person who likes to match everything I can and for setting up this theme I had to sacrifice the colors that I usually pick: black, grey and white.

Also, I changed the name from Categories to Topics.

What do you think?


(UPDATE) At the end I went back to my previous template (it was more a change of template than a website 😬) which I love. I just worked in updating all posts since I started couragepassion back in 2013 😯 Can you believe it? It took me a couple of days but it was worth it! 👌 Also I added more topics or categories. What do you think?

Finally… | Por fin…


Finally I did it!

For days now, I have been thinking in posting something but my fears don’t allow me. I think that I have to write something formal, something useful about Illustration and writing those posts takes time, that’s why I have been avoiding it.

When I created this blog I agreed with myself that it would be something fun, something I enjoy where I could feel free to express whatever I wanted. I just wanted to pour my thoughts and feelings but my mind turned it in something formal 🧐 again and this caused me to feel paralyzed😵‍💫, anyways, I just wanted to break with this fear and write whatever I wanted and say Hi! at least 🤗.


¡Por fin me atreví!

Ya tiene días que estoy pensando que quiero poner un post pero mis miedos no me dejan. Pienso que tiene que ser algo formal, algo que ayude a las personas en su proceso de ilustración y hacer esos posts me lleva tiempo, por eso lo he estado evitando. Pero, recordé que cuando hice este blog el punto de todo era crear un espacio donde fuera libre de escribir lo que quisiera, mucho o poco no importaba, sólo verter mis pensamientos y sentimientos, pero mi cabeza lo volví algo formal de nuevo 🧐 y esto me causó parálisis 😵‍💫 en fin, sólo quería pasar por aquí a romper con ese miedo 😊 y decir hola 👋, ando por aquí trabajando.