Looking for the perfect Bra

A couple of months ago I started checking on Bras again, mine are almost at the end of their life. I used to be size 36B then changed to 38D and because I gained weight again I wanted to check on bigger options but I didn’t know that when it comes to Bras sizes you don’t go from 38D to 40D and that’s it. It depends on where you gain weight, band or cup. 

Here is an example of a good chart that I found in Thirdlove’s website which explain the sizing very well:

Because I went up in the size of my waist and a little bit in cup, according to this chart my options are:

  • 38DD (or E for European sizes) – same band bigger cup
  • 40C – bigger band same cup
  • 40D – bigger band bigger cup
  • 42B – bigger band same cup
  • 42C – bigger band bigger cup
I tried a 40D by Calvin Klein but it was a little small so I’m planning on trying a different brand like Vanity Fair that is my favorite right now to get a 42B or D to see how it feels. 
I didn’t go for a 38DD because sometimes I feel my band too small so better go bigger in band; although, it was interesting to see the DD option because I don’t think my boobs look that big and I always associated Baywatch and Pamela Anderson when I heard DD so I was wondering why I didn’t look like that? Maybe I don’t see it? hahaha anyways I decided to research and I found this amazing article about how different types of D and DD cup look like: 

This was so enlightening, I didn’t know what a DD look in real life, I definitely let myself carry away by that idea that DD cup is enormous and I was kind of scared but now I see that is a pretty normal looking size
It looks like is going to take longer than I thought to find the perfect bra because I have to try way more bras and put away some judgements I had about sizing but for now I’m on my way and not avoiding it anymore haha
Did you know all this? Do you have your perfect bra? Do you have any stigmas about sizing?

In love with Jenna Lyons, sincerity, kindness and openness

Lately I have been in this weird journey towards myself, started by the courage I have seen in Frannerd’s Patreon account, wait a second…you know what? I would say it started with Byron Katie “Loving What Is” book which laid the foundation to allow Fran’s openness, sweetness and kindness get into my heart and now this woman, Jenna Lyons.

Well well, where to start? You know I used to work in the Fashion Industry which I left because of the toxicity I felt in the work place, since then I have been looking for something different which I didn’t find until recently in Frannerd’s Patreon, a space where I can be myself and share what I create or think without feeling judge or made fun of. Anyways today while in the subway I saw a sign announcing the newest Jenna Lyons’ show “Stylish with Jenna Lyons” which it immediately reminded me of this tall beautiful woman which style I use to love so deeply that I have to connect with her (if you don’t know her, she use to work as a Creative Director for JCrew and she with Mickey Drexler basically grew the brand like never before, and like 2 years ago she left her position and went away from the cameras for a while…just saying in the gossip note), it was when my craziness started haha. I just went down the rabbit hole and found such a beautiful, sincere and kind woman that I wanted to share her with you, through all these videos that I found.







Which one was your favorite?

Maybe in this moment you need to know that there are honest and kind people in the world, willing to open herselves in a way never seen before. Maybe, this will inspire you to give yourself permission to be yourself too and share that beautiful and creative person that you are. I know I needed it so here I’m being honest with you too and hoping like a chain this runs to the hearts of others.



How clothes are made in NYC

This time I wanted to share what I learned about working in NYC in a company that made all their clothes here, we use to buy fabrics from overseas and some other trims but it was completely assembled in Manahattan. 
First, I wanted to post this 2 images that I took from this book:
which explains the general process of making clothes in a company:
Now I’ll share the process as I saw it in the company that I was working for:

If you have any questions let me know. This is the first attempt that I do to explain this and my first attempt to make a poster in in Design haha. 
If you have any questions let me know. This is the first attempt that I do to explain this and my first attempt to make a poster in in Design haha.