Japanese Stationery ✨

I love stationery since I was very little but until I came to the US I knew about Japanese stationery. They have so much variety. A couple of months ago I found this video that explains it in a deeper way:

Video 1. BEGIN Japanology Stationery

Also I wanted to share a more recent video with one of my favorite youtubers from Japan who shares his findings about new stationary. 
Video 2. Smart Japanese Office Stationery Supplies You didn’t Know – Paolo from Tokyo
After watching this video in fact I got the the Fuji mountain erasers, the Glue Stick and the cutter:

Did you know about Japanese Stationery?

Brands that inspire me for their minimalism

I just wanted a share some brands that I found that I love because they are very minimalistic.

I got a pouch with the shape of a toast for my iPad 😭 it’s so cute (I bought it on eBay).

I definitely want to buy something from them, Do you know if you can find it in the US? I’ll research :9
Video 1. Noritake – Interview with Japanese illustrator

I discovered him because I bought one of his notebooks (which I shared in my My second stationery haul from my trip to Philly post in case you want to see more pictures)  

Do you like minimalism? For me has been hard to find a balance. Sometimes I want to go crazy with colors and other times I just love one simple line.


My second stationery haul from my trip to Philly

Hi beautiful you!

There are four amazing stores that I visited in Philly:

  1. Philly’s AIDS thrift @ Giovanni’s room (Very curated thrift store)
  2. Atomic City Comics (Comic store)
  3. Omoi Zakka Shop (Stationery boutique and pen shop like Goods for the Study here in NYC)
  4. Kitchen Kapers (kitchen and food supplies) 
Where I got multiple items:
(No. 1) Giovanni’s room was a very cool thrift store with records, books, magazines, comics, etc.

In Giovanni’s room I bought 2 books (top) and 2 comics (bottom):

In (No. 2) Atomic City Comics I got two graphic novels:

In (No. 3) Omoi Zakka Shop 

I got a notebook and wash tape:

Finally, in Kitchen Kapers I got potato chips bag clips and hot chocolate sticks (I can’t wait to prepare it):

These were all the goodies I got. What do you think?
Hope you enjoy, let me know if you have any questions about these items.

My first stationery haul

My first stationery haul!! This is pretty exciting, short but exciting. Also this week was my stationery week, that’s why I wanted to share this with you ❤️.

This is all I bought that day.

I bought this in Goods For The Study:

From top to bottom, left to right:
  • 2 washi tape
  • Glue stick Gloo
  • Electric eraser Seed brand
  • Fluo Carand’Ache colored pencil
  • “Hello from NYC” card
  • “I meant to send a card” card
And I bough the following at Blick:
Well, I didn’t by this but it’s a funny picture, Don’t you think?

From left to right:
  • Scented Ooly Stickers
  • Eraser replacement for Mono Zero eraser holder
I also got a couple of New York City postcards in a second hand store:

This was it. Hope you like it. Let me know if you have any questions.