How to make your own notebook

 Hi lovely people!

Today, I posted a video where I share how I created my own notebook (now I realized it was a sketchbook but well what’ll I do at this point haha) with my favorite paper so I could color with my Copic Markers. It’s hard to find the right size and quality, that’s why I created my own.

Here is the video:

These are the papers I used to create the sketchbooks: 

      Marker Paper                    Bristol Paper 500 series        Bristol Paper 500 series

And the sketchbooks I created with their features on the back in case you want to use the same paper or try it with your own Copic Markers:

Sketchbooks Front
Sketchbooks Back

Sketchbooks Back Detail Marker Paper

Sketchbooks Back Detail Marker Paper
That’s it for today and have a wonderful weekend.