Weekend No. 9: Around New York City

Did you know there are numbers for the weeks of the year? I didn’t 👀
Two weekends ago my husband and I went to for a classic Saturday walk, we started eating in a restaurant called Raclette, where we ate a delicious burger with lots of cheese 🤤
Video from my phone

Then walk around from the East Village to the Hudson River:

Furniture all covered in clothing patterns

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Goods for the Study: The stationery boutique and pen shop that you have to visit

A place that I love to visit in the New York City when I want to just browse around or find new Japanese stationery is Goods for the Study. They have two locations one in in the West Village (pretty big) and another one in Nolita (two shops one next to the other). 

Some of the things you can buy in-store and online:

  • Notebooks and sketchbooks

  • Pens, pencils, fountain pens, erasers, sharpeners, etc.

  • Cards and wrapping paper
  • Paper and envelopes

There are like a thousand things more but you’ll have to visit haha.

Did you know about this place? Have you visited?



Kinokuniya: The Japanese store you have to visit in New York City

Yesterday, I went to Kinokuniya and I remembered I had to tell you about this little jewel in the middle of Manhattan.

This is a Japanese store located in front of Bryan Park in New York City (there are also other locations around the world and the US). 

They sell in store and online:

  • Manga (Japanese and English) and Comics.

  • Art Books (English and Japanese)
  • Books in general (English and Japanese)

  • Magazines (Japanese)
  • Japanese Stationery
  • and a variety of gifts

Finally, I just wanted to let you know that they offer a membership where you get 10% discount in every purchase and a gift card when you buy $300 and special promotions like the one that is happening right now:

Have you visited it? Let me know if you knew about this store.


My visit to the Sketchbook Library in Brooklyn

Since a long time ago I wanted to go to the Sketchbook Library because I found their website maybe 3 years ago, in that time I don’t recall them having a library but the idea of a sketchbook project attracted my attention. This is their website https://www.sketchbookproject.com/  on this site you can find all the information about it. Something cool that I didn’t know is that you can participate sending you own sketchbook and for a fee, they’ll preserve it in the library.



Sketchbooks on sale for $5

Art supplies!!

After wondering around we sat in the space that they have dedicated for reading.

 There was when I found this amazing and inspiring sketchbooks. I hope you enjoy:

Yes! It’s a drawing :O

Can you believe that all this is made by hand????
Ok, then I just wanted to share this with you for inspiration. I hope you enjoyed.

Paola 🌵