Who’s Doraemon? 🤨

That’s how my morning almost started.

I was looking into the Elements of Art – you know me 🧐 lol – which I didn’t know existed, then finding about Elements of Design and finally wondering then what are Art Fundamentals, What’s the difference🤔…then BOOM the thought: Why Doraemon is so famous? hahaha Do you know about Doraemon? maybe not. I love Japanese culture so I usually see this pretty blue cat around and I don’t know why he is so famous.

So I checked in YouTube and found this amazing video that explains not just who’s Doraemon but other Japanese characters that probably you don’t know and they are very famous in Japan:

Popular Anime You NEVER heard of (probably) | Anime Explained

That reminds me…Who were you favorite characters or character when you were little? Mine, the teenage mutant ninja turtles, Sailor Moon, Thundercats, Alvin and the chipmunks (by the way in Mexico they were called Alvin and the squirrels lol I never noticed they didn’t have long tails 😐 lol), I watched lots of TV so basically everything I watched at the time haha.



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