Almost didn’t post this week 🙈

Hi from the airport 👋. This week we have been planning for our almost one month trip to the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 so I didn’t planned any posts but I decided to say hi while waiting.

Lately, I have been more into YouTube specially obsessed with Emma Chamberlain, I like her way of vlogging, she inspired me to stop putting off my videos and posts in social media and just do it. The problem is that I get so scared of posting that I freeze like a lizard lol☺️ Does this happen you? I’m like that with social media it just terrifies me, the problem is that I can’t stop thinking about doing it. I would like it to be something organic, a space where I can share who I honestly am but I’m shy and this stops me, my mind gets so full of fears 😑.

Other girls that inspire me like Emma are Vania Bachur , Beckycas and Frannerd in case you want to check them out, I love their art too.

I think I will start little by little 🥰.



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