Tamagotchi Smart English PDF Instruction Manual ✨

I recently bought a tamagotchi smart, here’s the cute evidence 👇

This tamagotchi is all in Japanese 😓 so I looked for the instructions in English and luckily I found them:

Tamagotchi Smart – English Instruction Manual – Gotchi Garden Blog

The manual is displayed as images on Gotchi Garden so I decided to create a pdf for easy reading. It has been very useful so I didn’t want to keep it for myself and decided to share it:

Important: I want to highlight that I didn’t create this manual. All image editing and translation was done by OldSchoolVPQ ♥︎ thank you ♥︎.

Do you have any tamagotchis? I have my own little collection which I would love to share with you 🥰 someday.


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