Best web hosting for WordPress?

3 sounds better than 2 or 4 when it comes to examples, that’s why the title hahaha. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi because I came back from my vacations and I just unplugged from my blog and not that long ago I said this blog was going to be something chill, just a place to pour my thoughts and share my drawing.

During these weeks I was working behind the scenes to get a new space where I could blog and have more tools to make it easier and not having the limitations I found in Blogger, so after lots of research, subscribing and unsubscribing from different services I landed in this hosting site that I adore, called Hostinger. I found it thanks to this YouTube video:

Video 1. Best Web Hosting For WordPress

By the way here is another video which teaches you how to set Hostinger up:

Video 2. Hostinger WordPress – Setup

It was better and easier than all the other options like Bluehost or Squarespace plus Hostinger gives you lots of goodies when you buy it, like free email. I got the cheapest plan called Single WordPress and it has worked perfectly for me.

For, now this is it, I just wanted to say hi! And remind you that I’m still around.


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