Looking for the perfect Bra

A couple of months ago I started checking on Bras again, mine are almost at the end of their life. I used to be size 36B then changed to 38D and because I gained weight again I wanted to check on bigger options but I didn’t know that when it comes to Bras sizes you don’t go from 38D to 40D and that’s it. It depends on where you gain weight, band or cup. 

Here is an example of a good chart that I found in Thirdlove’s website which explain the sizing very well:

Because I went up in the size of my waist and a little bit in cup, according to this chart my options are:

  • 38DD (or E for European sizes) – same band bigger cup
  • 40C – bigger band same cup
  • 40D – bigger band bigger cup
  • 42B – bigger band same cup
  • 42C – bigger band bigger cup

I tried a 40D by Calvin Klein but it was a little small so I’m planning on trying a different brand like Vanity Fair that is my favorite right now to get a 42B or D to see how it feels.

I didn’t go for a 38DD because sometimes I feel my band too small so better go bigger in band; although, it was interesting to see the DD option because I don’t think my boobs look that big and I always associated Baywatch and Pamela Anderson when I heard DD so I was wondering why I didn’t look like that? Maybe I don’t see it? hahaha anyways I decided to research and I found this amazing article about how different types of D and DD cup look like: 

What does it mean to wear D or DD cups?

This was so enlightening, I didn’t know what a DD look in real life, I definitely let myself carry away by that idea that DD cup is enormous and I was kind of scared but now I see that is a pretty normal looking size. 

It looks like is going to take longer than I thought to find the perfect bra because I have to try way more bras and put away some judgements I had about sizing but for now I’m on my way and not avoiding it anymore haha

Did you know all this? Do you have your perfect bra? Do you have any stigmas about sizing?


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