Japanese Stationery ✨

I love stationery since I was very little but until I came to the US I knew about Japanese stationery. They have so much variety. A couple of months ago I found this video that explains it in a deeper way:

Video 1. BEGIN Japanology Stationery

Also I wanted to share a more recent video with one of my favorite youtubers from Japan who shares his findings about new stationary.

Video 2. Smart Japanese Office Stationery Supplies You didn’t Know – Paolo from Tokyo

After watching this video in fact I got the the Fuji mountain erasers, the Glue Stick and the cutter:

Did you know about Japanese Stationery?


Munsell Color System + Free Printout

This week I have been researching about how to improve the Values and Color in my drawings. This reminded me that a couple of years ago while I was studying Color Theory I found this cool chart that displayed the Color Wheel in a 3D way and it was called the Munsell Tree so I went back online and I looked for that image. I found a couple of them but in the end I chose the one that best helped me understand the concept, which I found in the encyclopedia Britannica:

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Weekly Video Clip (May 3-7)

So as I wrote in the last post update, I decided to keep this blog 🙈 it’s embarrassing for how long it took me to decided this but I really love the Blog and I want to keep it just the way it is. Anyways, I also decided to put the Weekly Video Clips here as a post instead of the side bar as I have been doing, let’s see how it goes. 

Here is the video for April 3rd week:

What do you think about this new format? Horizontal instead of Vertical and in posts instead of the side bar?


Finally a New Blog!! UPDATE

Image 1. Website Cover

Finally moving. For good? I hope so 🙂 I’ll be now writing there.

After weeks and weeks of research. Finally I have a new website 😭. I can’t believe it. It took me so long to go for it. 

Basically this was the path that I followed:

1.  See what are the option for E-mail subscription services because Blogger is getting rid of the e-mail subscription by June 2021. I found this article: 6 Best Free Email Marketing Services Compared. Then, I realized that maybe it would be better to invest in a long term hosting service.

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