April 2021 Printable Calendar

Hi my lovely reader!

Today I share with you a calendar I created for the month of April and that has been available in my Etsy shop since the beginning of April but I just couldn’t share it with you at in my Blog 🙈. 

To be honest, I was confused because I didn’t know if I should sell it or give it for free until today that I said “why not? let’s sell it” maybe someone would like to buy it and because this has happened to me that I just want art from my favorite illustrators and I will pay anything 😍 I imagined that there is maybe someone out there who would like to buy my art too 🙈 maybe haha (how hard was to say this out loud). Anyways, today I just lowered the price from $2 to $1 because why not haha ok no it’s because we’re 3 weeks away from ?April ending so is like a final sale 🤑.

click on the image down below ⇣

 or here 

That’s it for today 😋

Have a beautiful weekend and remember that there is going to be new Weekly Video Clip (you can watch it on the side column of this blog or here) next Monday! 🥳


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