Jazz and Bill Evans 🎶

I didn’t know anything about Jazz but my husband (check his blog hopstrains.com excellent short name) has been researching and finding a lot about different musicians. 

For me, it has always been difficult to listen to Jazz because I always considered it as something that people that are highbrow 🧐  and full of themselves listed to, until recently when I noticed one of my favorite illustrators (Frannerd) listened to it and I was humble and open enough to finally give it a try and I loved it.

One of the musicians we discovered was Bill Evans 🙊 and oh man, he is good, his song “Peace Piece” made me CRY it’s so moving.

Video 1. Bill Evans – Peace Pace from Everybody Digs Bill Evans (1958 Album)

So obviously I wanted to know more 👹 and I found this fantastic article called Romanticism Reincarnated: Bill Evans ‘Peace Piece’ which describes the inspiration behind this song. It mentions two key authors:

  1. Leonard Bernstein and his piece “On the Town” – Some other time!
  2. Chopin and his piece Berceuse in D-Flat Major, Op. 57: Berceuse in D-Flat Major, Op. 57
And you can definitely hear it 😭 I always have had an affinity for Chopin so now everything makes sense.
Do you like Jazz? Do you have judgements like me about it? Which ones? Do you like Classical music?

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