Why drawing is so difficult?

Video 1: Why is drawing so hard?


I always thought drawing was easy because I did it since I was little but when I started doing illustration more seriously I noticed that what I saw in my head wasn’t as easy to represent as I thought it would be. Then after drawing and practicing for months I stopped because I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t improving 😡. So I started researching on YouTube and found this video that explained that it isn’t just about practicing…

Video 2: Bring your drawings to life: What to focus on to improve your drawings fast?


From this video then I could get a more clear vision of I could focus to improve my art:


Also I found this other playlist that explains more in depth each topic:

Art Fundamentals Playlist by YouTuber Swatches

Down below is the first video from the playlist 👇

Video 3: Art Fundamentals: Values.


And a screenshot from the topics fundamentals that could be useful to you too:

Well for now this is it. Did you know about this? As a self-taught artist I didn’t know about the importance of this foundation and now that I’m still practicing after months I can see the BIG improvements:

August 5th 2020
September 29th 2020

The images on the top are just studies on form imagine if you learn about the other basics 🙉 so I couldn’t recommend you enough to make a plan and study the fundamentals. 

Did you know about this? Do you practice? Are you a natural? Share your thoughts.

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