Nothing is original

I have been thinking about this lately because at this point in my path as an artist I think that I’m being heavily influence by the work of other artists, specially Frannerd and this has created discomfort in my head. 

I remember this happened to me a couple of years ago and I just couldn’t continue working with my art anymore, I felt that I was just copying her and not creating something special and I felt that coming again, this scared me a lot. Have this happened to you?

This time I decided to do a little research in YouTube to see other’s points of view and these are the videos that I found. Maybe you are going through the same and this could be very helpful for you:


(Video 1. Steal like an artist | Austin Kleon)


(Video 2. Creativity is a remix | Kirby Ferguson)


(Video 3. In your lifetime you’ll never think an original idea | Thoughty2)


(Video 4. Nothing is 100% or 0% original | Whyt Manga)

By the way this is what I remember from each video:

Video 1: Nothing is original
Video 2: Even the greatest copy, including Steve Jobs and later they don’t want to be copied.
Video 3: You can create something unique when this art passes through you way to perceive life.
Video 4: Nothing is original there is even a scale haha.


With lots of love,


2 thoughts on “Nothing is original”

  1. So true! I don't know why I don't want to let go of the believe that "I have to create something unique and original, otherwise my work is not worthy" 😡annoying lol but "true" in my head 😬


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