Life is Not Black and White

Wow this was exactly what I was looking for. Today, I discovered that life is no Black or White and I have that feeling for the longest time but I didn’t look into this until today. I feel that everyone says “Life have greys too” but I didn’t hear examples of those greys before. Also, I think you’re completely right about more constructive discussions or at least more gentle discussions would come out of this way of understanding the world because I would deeply understand that what I think could has wrong and goods (this is so liberating). I feel like as a society we’re not use to kindness towards ourselves ( the most important one) or others that’s why is so hard to believe this concept (and this could be wrong and right at the same time 😂).

-Extract from my comment for this video in YouTube

I also found this super interesting article about the effect of living in a world where we see thing as opposites and how it affects our mental health:

Unity in the world of opposites

Definitely and must read if you want to know more about what the video is referring to in a deeper way.

Finally, remember that is important to work questioning you own thinking. I do this through The Work. A very cool tool that the author of the book Loving What Is developed or found, sometimes she says it found her haha.

Big hugs,