Toxic Positivity

Have you thought about this concept?

I just discovered recently. It’s when I say that everything is ok but in reality I’m denying my real feelings…mmm let me check in google:

“We define toxic positivity as the excessive and ineffective overgeneralization of a happy, optimistic state across all situations. The process of toxic positivity results in the denial, minimization, and invalidation of the authentic human emotional experience…”

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Have you been scared of spending money?

Because I have and  lots of times. I was wondering where this idea could come from so I first look for

for this in google and the article that connected the most to me was this one:

When been cheap becomes an obsession

I wrote this draft back in December and I was surprised how this sounds like I have something wrong in me. Lately, I have been listening to “The work” At Home with Byron Katie and now I’m wondering if this is true.



Nothing is original

I have been thinking about this lately because at this point in my path as an artist I think that I’m being heavily influence by the work of other artists, specially Frannerd and this has created discomfort in my head. 

I remember this happened to me a couple of years ago and I just couldn’t continue working with my art anymore, I felt that I was just copying her and not creating something special and I felt that coming again, this scared me a lot. Have this happened to you?

This time I decided to do a little research in YouTube to see other’s points of view and these are the videos that I found. Maybe you are going through the same and this could be very helpful for you:


(Video 1. Steal like an artist | Austin Kleon)


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Get to know cartoon artists: Adrian Tomine and R Kikuo Johnson

I knew about these to artist thanks to covers on The New Yorker magazine which called my attention because I’m looking for different styles which inspire me and teach me how to solve different problems when drawing.

The first person I would like to share is R. Kikuo Johnson →

This is one of his multiple covers which you can find in his website.

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Life is Not Black and White

Wow this was exactly what I was looking for. Today, I discovered that life is no Black or White and I have that feeling for the longest time but I didn’t look into this until today. I feel that everyone says “Life have greys too” but I didn’t hear examples of those greys before. Also, I think you’re completely right about more constructive discussions or at least more gentle discussions would come out of this way of understanding the world because I would deeply understand that what I think could has wrong and goods (this is so liberating). I feel like as a society we’re not use to kindness towards ourselves ( the most important one) or others that’s why is so hard to believe this concept (and this could be wrong and right at the same time 😂).

-Extract from my comment for this video in YouTube

I also found this super interesting article about the effect of living in a world where we see thing as opposites and how it affects our mental health:

Unity in the world of opposites

Definitely and must read if you want to know more about what the video is referring to in a deeper way.

Finally, remember that is important to work questioning you own thinking. I do this through The Work. A very cool tool that the author of the book Loving What Is developed or found, sometimes she says it found her haha.

Big hugs,