New Year’s Resolutions don’t work for me so I give you an option (Propósitos de año nuevo no funcionan para mi, aquí una opción)


I don’t want resolutions for this 2015 so I was looking for other options, new areas of inspiration; for example, to make a collage with all my resolutions for this year (I found this idea in one of the most famous Mexican girl youtube channel, here the link), however, I remember myself past years doing collages or drawing (that is one of the most powerful tools to keep something in my mind) and It didn’t work at all so I procrastinated again. Then I thought that it wasn’t my fault, I needed only another way to have my resolutions on my mind, something more simple.

I was waiting and looking for that new idea. In the meantime, I decided to write down  a mind map with all the roles that I have in my life and what do I want in each one, and here it is.

I made this in a Mac Software called MindNode Lite

Thanks this, I understood what’s important for me and then focus on that. For example, my Fashion Stylist phase, my Fashion Design projects, my Family, etc and what I wanted of each one.

After few days, one of our teachers sent us an email where she recommended to visit a website of one of her marketing gurus called Christine Kane. I visit the website and I came across with this:

In Christine’s site you can download this guide in which she explains why resolutions don’t work and gives another option to create and keep your goals this 2015.

I got four important things of this guide:

1. Resolutions are in an superficial level, I mean, usually they are in the level of DO’s “I will lose weight, run, be healthy, etc”, “So I can have this…” (self-steem) and then “I can BE this…” (Confidence). Nevertheless, everything we choose usually guide us to one word: happiness, confidence, love, patience, etc. so the point is to focus in the deepest level “the BE level”, our motivation, what we want in our interior, that’s going to be our word of the year, our “Why”.

“If you know the WHY, you can live any HOW” 
– Frederick Nietzsche

2. You need to write it down, so I recommend you to fill the guide. Take it easy, don’t press yourself and fill it! I did it directly on my PDF editor. I give you the link again here. You have to give your mail and she’ll send it to you.

3. When you choose your word be sincere with yourself and just do it. For example, I chose CONFIDENCE because I need to believe in my decisions, in myself, in my natural beauty, in my errors, in my laziness, in the people that I love, because it reminds me PATIENCE and SIMPLICITY.

4. This website is a whole process that I decided not to follow because I just wanted to know a new idea to be more happy this New Year so I unsubscribe and every day I remind myself this word in different ways (like writing it here). Remember, Your power lies in your ability to achieve results consistently. Velocity itself creates momentum. Things that drag on lose their impetus. Sometimes even the inspiration that motivates you in the first place is diluted, or evaporated completely. Keeping yourself on the track is an effective method of motivation. You will discover that holding your word in the forefront at all times as an incentive will help you (a)keep your focus, (b) make decisions that support you and (c) choose strategies that move you toward your goals.

Finally, I can tell that this has worked better than Resolutions because is only one word that I have to keep in mind, it is my WHY of this year and is related to other important areas of my life. By the way, I wrote it in my bathroom with lipstick.



No quería dejarlos sin este post en español. Así que se los grabé.


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