Why I started studying Illustration with Drawabox and my discoveries along the way

A couple of years ago I noticed I couldn’t draw some things that I wanted. In that time, I used to draw #dtiys (draw this in your style) that I found on instagram created by my favorite Illustrators but when it come to make my own illustrations from scratch I was totally unable. The discomfort that I felt by this made me feel frustrated and incapable of drawing anymore so I decided to delete my Instagram account and stop making illustrations.

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Rosca de Reyes | Three kings bread

Last Saturday we had Three kings bread:

Three kings bread

This is a bread that I used to share with my family back in Mexico every January 6th. The tradition says that if you get a baby Jesus in the piece that you cut for yourself you have to buy tamales πŸ«” on February 2nd or Dia de la Candelaria.

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Shorthand Writing ✍️

Hi! Paola here…

I think it was last year when I wrote a note to myself to share this finding about what it was Shorthand Writing and I just let it sit there for a year πŸ™ˆ itΒ΄s kind of embarrassing to accept it but this is what usually happens. The worst part (in my head at least) is that it was just something so short that I could have just shared it in a couple of minutes but I decided to let it sit there for a while, maybe notes are like a wine 🍷 and I’m just noticing now.

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Happy New Year πŸŽ† 2022

Paola and Kyle

This is the second year we celebrate New Year in New York City and I was very exited because it could be as I had it in my mind: NO cooking to try to impress people or cleaning around or figuring out plans to get together. I wanted the easiest celebration that I could make and I had to try something new because last year we already made pizzaπŸ•. So after sharing this with my husband he agreed to take it super easy too and just make our purchases for our dinner on the 31st NO PRESSURE. We decided to go for turkey (4 thighs for easy cooking), pre-made stuffing, cranberry sauce from a can, spaghetti with sour cream and ham and a pie a la mode.

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New Website 🀩

Can you believe it? I wanted to change the interface of my website for a while and finally I had the audacity to do it, and I say this because I’m a very simple person who likes to match everything I can and for setting up this theme I had to sacrifice the colors that I usually pick: black, grey and white.

Also, I changed the name from Categories to Topics.

What do you think?


(UPDATE) At the end I went back to my previous template (it was more a change of template than a website 😬) which I love. I just worked in updating all posts since I started couragepassion back in 2013 😯 Can you believe it? It took me a couple of days but it was worth it! πŸ‘Œ Also I added more topics or categories. What do you think?